• Birthdate: March 25., 1945 in Reinbek, Germany
  • Equipment:
    3 Canon EOS-1 V casings with power booster lens for F2,8/14 mm super-wide-angle up to F 4,0/600mm L
    2 Sachtler tripods & hydro decliner, 1 Gitzo Carbon, 2 flashlights 555 EX,
  • Film material:
    Fudji Velvia, Sensia 100
  • Areas of Travel:
    • Germany: Northern and Eastern See Coast, Northern Frisia, Eastern Frisia, Lüneburg Heath, 
      Bavarian Forest National Park.
    • USA: Yellowstone Grand Teton Nationalpark, fall & winter
    • Brasil: Pantanal (largest area of moisture in the world).
    • New Mexico: Bosque del Apache – National Wildlife Refuge
    • Canada: Hudson Bay, Churchill, Polar Bear Migration.
    • Africa: Kenya, Masai Mara, Naminia, Etoscha Pan, Namib Desert, Cape Cross.
    • Norway: Spitzbergen, Varanger Peninsula, Icy Sea Coast, Lofoten,
    • Sweden: Västergötland, Hornborga Sea, Oil land.
    • European & Asia Turkey,
    • Netherlands: Ijssel Sea
    • Spain: Alfaro, World capitol of the Storks
    • Brasil: Pantanal
  • Picture Publications:
    Germany, USA, England, Switzerland, France, Spain
    Personal Books:
    Pritz Pölking & Uwe Walz "Storks" Tecklenborg Print,
    various other books, magazines & calenders
    In almost all major german magazines (KOSMOS, Abenteuer Natur (Natur adventure), DAS TIER (the animal), HörZu – TV Hören & Sehen (TV magazines), various hunting journals.
    Personal and numerous other calenders
    USA: Natural History, International Wildlife, Outdoor & Nature.
  • National and international prizes and commendations:
    Photo of the Year contest from the Society of German Wildlife Photographers (GDT)
    1983 & 1984 each 1st place and medal of commendation for the best animal photographic achievement
    1993 1st place for plants, 2nd place for landscapes
    1996 4th place in categorie "birds"
    BBC – Wildlife Photo Competition:1995 & 1996 highly commended
    1999 - BBC - Wildlife Photo Competition: Animal Behaviour Birds -- Winner --
    prizes and medals in numerous other contests
  • 20 photo agencies in:
    Germany, USA,  England, France, Spain