Major area of interest:

Bild in groß Birds – mammels – biotopes – landscapes - Tourist and travels - sunrises and sunsets Sentimental portraits of the following countries:

Germany: North Sea, Baltic Sea, North Frisia, Lüneburg Heath, Bavarian Forest National Park
Brasil: Pantanal
USA: Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Park ; fall and winter; New Mexico, Bosque del Apache
Canada: Hudson Bay, Churchill, polar bear migration
Africa: Kenya, Masai Mara
Norway: Spitzbergen, Varanger Peninsula, Icysea coast, Runde Island, Lofote Islands
Sweden: Västergötland, Hornborga See, Oilland
Europ. & Askan Turkey 
Netherlands: Ijssel sea
Spain: Alfaro, world capitol of the stork

Special field: behavioural scenes of:

Black grouse mating, cormorant, crane, coastal see swallow, snipe, swans, white stork, polar bear, redfox, wolf, eagle, 
wart hog,

Geography: tourists & travel

North and East Frisia; windmills – wind wheels (rotors)- lighthouse – water towers – ships – crabcutter – houses – castles – islands – beaches – sand dunes ......and so on.

Aerial shots: Northsee, islands, Halligen, Easter Frisia, Northern Frisia

Hamburg: port, Speicherstadt – old city (town) hall – Alster River – Inns - Restaurants – Övelgönne – Fleet Island – Hummel water carrier a.s.o.....

Personal books: STORKS – Life on the Cathedral, a picture book

More than 50 manuscripts with the corresponding image material on the subject of "The secretive World of Animals - or.... how human are our animals."
Further subjects:
The Invasion of the Polar Bear – When Polar Bears come – Eagle verses Wart Hog – Bavarian Forest National Park – Wintertime, Time of fasting – Lüneburg Heath - Migration of Birds – Dance of the Redskirts (foxes) in ice and snow – Fighting Redfoxes – Hailing Cranes – A Picture Platform in the Mud Flats – Wildlife Photography, Gentle Way with Nature – "KUS CENNETI" Bird paradise on the Manyas Lake – Flying Fish & Crested Grebe – Mud Flats Worth Protecting – Survival Training, The Game of Animal Offspring – A Year with Jacob, Experiences With a Branzen Jackdaw.